Body – Mind Relaxation Kit

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רפלקסולוגי רלקס

1 x Foot Massage Cream

A  foot massage ointment

Contains soothing base and essential oils which soften chapped skin, is suitable for reflexology treatment Recommended use: Massage  feet  daily Storage: Cool place up to 25 degrees Quantity: 50 ml

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Sweet dreams

1 x Sweet Dreams

Natural Food Supplements | A combination of plants (mother extracts) and essential oils with a quick and effective absorption. The plants are known to help you sleep well and relax. Ingredients: Melissa, Orange blossom, Passion fruit, Bergamot, Ilang. Recommended use: 20 drops in half a glass of water an hour before bedtime. Quantity: 30 ml glass bottle The product contains alcohol The information does not come to replace medical advice

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1 x new age relaxation

Aromatherapy oil blended with a unique combination of essential oils known for emotional stress and muscle relief. Ingredients: almond oil, essential oils: bergamot, frankincense, rosewood, clary sage, sandalwood, patchouli. Recommended use: apply a thin layer of aromatic oil and massage lightly Quantity: 200 ml glass bottle This aromatherapy oil is natural without the process of chemical processing

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