This Japanese incense is mostly hand made from natural resin and other organic ingredients under strict adherence to optimal conditions for product quality

Number of units in a single package: 50 sticks and an incense holder

Pine – releases from negative energy, encourages optimism

Amber – emotional-mental balance, suitable for meditation

Vanilla – soothing, creates a pleasant atmosphere

Jasmine – refreshes body and mind

Frankincense – soothing, balancing, suitable for meditation

Lavender – soothing, for anxiety and stress

Myrrh – soothing, suitable for meditation

Sandalwood – releases tension, relieves sleeping disorders

Patchouli – relaxing, suitable for meditation

Rose – refreshing, relieves difficulty sleeping, strengthens self-confidence, improves mood

Iris – refreshes body and mind, “Cheer up” Incense

Musk – relaxing, suitable for meditation

Mimosa – Cleansing, Exotic smell

Fig – creates a pleasant atmosphere

Sage – cleansing, suitable for meditation

Cedarwood – relaxing, grounding

Lotus – releases tension, improves mood

Gardenia – relaxing