Spa Kit

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1 x Hydrophilic factor

Chamomile plant extract for facial skin cleansing Gently removes makeup and cleanses facial and neck skin. Hydrophilic cleanser leaves the skin clean and smooth, may be used as a dirt-eliminating face lotio makeup-melting cleanser with pampering hydration that leaves skin clean and glowy,  suitable for all skin types including delicate, dry and mature skin

Recommended use: a few drops of hydrophilic cleanser on a damp cotton pad  on facial and neck skin Quantity: 60 ml plastic bottle

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1 x new age relaxation

Aromatherapy oil blended with a unique combination of essential oils known for emotional stress and muscle relief. Ingredients: almond oil, essential oils: bergamot, frankincense, rosewood, clary sage, sandalwood, patchouli. Recommended use: apply a thin layer of aromatic oil and massage lightly Quantity: 200 ml glass bottle This aromatherapy oil is natural without the process of chemical processing

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1 x SGRY

Aromatherapy oil for normal-dry facial skin combined with vegetable oils and essential oils. Aromatherapy oil preserves skin elasticity, softens and allows natural moisture to form. Ingredients: almond oil, essential oils and resins: Sandalwood, Geranium, Rosewood, Ilang Ilang. Recommended use: Apply on clean skin as needed. Quantity: 30 ml glass bottle This aromatherapy oil is natural without the process of chemical processing.

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1 x Peeling UB-24

Face and body exfoliation treatment. Helps remove dead skin cells and encourages cell regeneration. appropriate for daily use Storage: Cool place up to 25 degrees Quantity: 110 ml

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