Cold pressed from seeds of cannabis plant.
The oil is distinguished by the highest content of essential fatty acids and the proper and appropriate treatment.
The oil contains only 10% saturated fatty acids compared to 90% unsaturated fatty acids, omega 3,6,9. Hemp oil is the most essential to the human body and is the basis for the cell structure and the construction of membranes.
It is also important for proper immune system, protection against infections and prevention of allergies.
The oil also catalyzes healing of cuts and ulcers in external and internal treatment. The oil activates the intestines, aids in normal metabolism, relaxes and relieves psoriasis, is effective in treating gastritis, colitis, bronchitis, anti-nausea and weakness. It relieves arthritis, hemorrhoids, multiple sclerosis, various skin diseases and neurological diseases.

Directions: Daily recommendation for internal medicine – 1 tablespoon oil on an empty stomach or 1 teaspoon 3X times a day on an empty stomach.
Storage: Refrigerated after opening

Quantity: 200 ml glass bottle

The information is not intended to replace medical advice