The Schloss History

It all started in 1988 when the J. D. Schloss Traditional Aromatherapy Center was established in Israel by Zippi and Haim Schloss.

By that time aromatherapy was familiar only to very few people.

But Haim Schloss, an already globally known expert on aromatherapy, a specialist in developing formulas of oils and natural essences, desired to introduce the world to a different way of approaching the notion of beauty, healing, and inner comfort.

The Schloss Vision

Deep-rooted in a history that goes back for more than 6000 years, the Schloss vision comes from an uninterrupted tradition for natural balance and harmony in daily life, a tradition delivering nowadays the wisdom of nature’s harmony.

The Schloss Mission

“All we want is to add positiveness to our fellow humans and be an “easy access” brand for all. Self-care wellness for everybody is our goal”

 “We know that aromatherapy can be the ideal guide into deeper self-awareness.”

Aromatherapy is kind, soothing, and healing.  The Schloss goal is to deliver this truth to everyone, a lifetime mission in itself.

Everything starts with picking the best and purest oils worldwide, according to the origin of each plant, from approved suppliers who pass our strict quality tests.

The wonder happens when the finest oils in the world, meet the hands of Schloss’s skillful & experienced aromatherapy practitioners.

Based on the fact that Aromatherapy is about the usage of aromatic materials, including essential oils, and other aroma compounds to improve psychological or physical well-being, the source, the heart of the Schloss concept is Mother Nature itself and the Center’s philosophy is focused deep into the core of harmony, a philosophy implemented daily in everything the Center creates and offers.

The Schloss Values

Responds to the needs of every contemporary consumer seeking for beauty, calmness, health, harmony, purity, truthfulness, honesty and respect.

With more than 30 years of experience, Schloss produces at least 100 different “wellbeing blends”, anti-aging products, cosmetics for beauty and care, and special baby care products, exporting in more than 10 countries and still expanding as well.

The Schloss’s way, is to fulfill its vision and reach its goal, and in five words: A better and healthier future.