A set of products for relief of stomach heaviness.
The plants and oils selected for the products were found to be effective
In regulating the digestive process.
Natural Food Supplements | A combination of plants (mother extracts) and essential oils with a quick and effective absorption.
In the world studies on the plants and oils we chose for the product, we found that they are effective
Regulating the digestive process and metabolism.
Ingredients: chamomile, bitter Swedish, peppermint, mint: mint, caraway, star anise.
Recommended use: 10 drops in half a glass of water, 3 times a day.

Quantity: 30 ml glass bottle

The product contains alcohol

Oil synergy Pure sites used to relieve weight loss
Stomach discomfort or discomfort due to poor food or hard to digest and nausea.
To help digestion and restore the body to balance.
Ingredients: Anise, ginger, nutmeg, caraway, mint,
How to use: 1 drop on the tongue up to 12 drops a day

Quantity: 10 ml glass bottle