Kit For Middle Aged Man

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50 plus for men

1 x 50 Plus For Men

A Unique J.D Schloss formula composed of mother extracts and essential oils designated to improving life quality This blend is effective for easing urinary tract disorders Ingredients: Vitex, Sailex, Saw Palmetto and Equisetum essential oil: Turmeric which are known for thier antioxidant properties Recommended use: 10 drops in half a glass of water, 3 times a day Quantity.: 30 ml glass bottle The product contains alcohol The information does not replace medical advice if necessary

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1 x Erection

A unique blend of oils for men. The synergy created by the combination of essential oils accelerates blood flow towards the penis, stimulates erection, prevents impotence. These oils raise qi (vitality force) and allow the man to overcome the physical / emotional barrier. Ingredients: Almond oil. Essential oils: cardamom, black pepper, ginger. Recommended use: Apply on the sacrum and groin. (Do not rub on the penis). Clean skin Apply a thin layer of aromatic oil and sprinkle with massage movements. Quantity: 50 ml glass bottle This aromatherapy oil is natural without the process of chemical processing.

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