Summer is just around the corner and with it the joys of vacation, beaches, pools, juicy and tropical fruits, and countless of unconventional and even extreme activities.
Essential oils, just like in every season, can also be useful in summer just for fun or to provide daily protection.
Oils to be used in a burner – citrus aroma synergetic blend, which contains grapefruit, mandarin, and orange essential oils.
The oils in this blend are refreshing, invigorating, cooling, and provide a pleasant vibe all around.
Before going in the pool – rub coconut oil on your body and hair to protect them against the chlorine and salts.
To relieve various forms of skin irritation, jock itch, prickly heat – wash your skin with beet sugar soap and shampoo your hair with U3, using shea butter oil, calendula oil, and lavender oil for skin irritation.
To breathe easier in high humidity – inhale eucalyptus radiata essential oil, ravensara essential oil.
Skin bites – lavender essential oil, silver fir essential oil.
Mosquito repellent – MOS spray on clothes, linens, drapes, and rugs (in case of contact with skin – do not expose to the sun).
To keep away ants, beetles, caterpillars, spiders – mint essential oil around swarms.
To make a refreshing sage drink – 10 drops of your choice of essential oil: grapefruit / lemon / orange / mandarin /mint / citru blend. Add to 1 liter of cold water. You can also add ice and mint.
Have a great and healthy summer,

The J. D. Schloss Team